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Also known as the “Capital of Friendship”, Chiclayo is the capital of the department of Lambayeque located on the coast of Peru, 770 km north of Lima at 30 MASL. It is set near the ocean in a fertile valley where agriculture plays a significant role in the economy. The region boasts of Peru’s most important museums: The Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum, the Brüning Museum, and the Sicán National Museum, are all located nearby because several major pre-Incan civilizations existed in the region such as the Mochica, Chimú, and Sicán cultures.

Chiclayo enjoys a warm climate with sunny days year round and very little rain. The yearly average temperature is 22.3°C, but summer temperatures can exceed 32°C.

There are two ways to travel to Chiclayo: one is via the Pan-American highway from the north (Ecuador) or south (Lima), the distance from Lima is 770 km; the other is to take one of the regular approximately one-hour flights from Lima.

Among the most important places to visit from Chiclayo are:

Señor de Sipán Chiclayo
  • The Museum of the Royal Tombs of the Señor de Sipán, named in honor of an ancient Mochica ruler, opened its doors in August of 2002. It contains the most important archeological discoveries from the aforementioned culture and is considered a landmark in archeology on the American continent, because here one can experience the magnificence and majesty of this ancient Peruvian ruler in the form of over two thousand gold relics. The most impressive attraction is the remains of the Señor of Sipán himself, who died some 1700 years ago.

  • Located just 15 minutes from the city of Chiclayo. This museum contains a great number of valuable pieces from ancient northern Peruvian civilizations all collected by Enrique Brüning. Among the artifacts are examples from regional pre-Inca cultures including ceramics, metal work, weavings, and jewels.

  • The Sicán National Museum is located 20 km from Chiclayo in Ferreñafe. This museum is dedicated entirely to the study of the Sicán culture a.k.a. Lambayeque culture, which existed between 700 and 1300 CE. Among the pieces on exhibit are extraordinary relics relating to the Señor de Sicán, including ceramics, metal work, jewels, etc.

  • The Mochica civilization developed in the north of Peru between the first and seventh centuries and occupied a long narrow strip of coastline. Here are found the remains of pyramidal temples, palaces, forts, irrigation channels, and cemeteries that attest to their sophisticated art, technology, and complex social organization.

  • These ruins are located 33 kilometers from Chiclayo in the city of Tucume. The name stems from the pyramidal shape of the structures, which in some cases measure 100 meters in width and 33 meters in height. There exist a total of 26 pyramids distributed throughout an area of 200 hectares.

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